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GREENHOUSE LLC offers a comprehensive line of high quality products to fit your medical needs. 

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      Here at Greenhouse LLC,we strive on  providing reliable and consistent services to all our patients near and far. 

Our main grower has over 20 years experience in hydroponics. This has enabled us to achieve a level of success not seen before in growing.

     To measure our success you need only to become a patient of GREENHOUSE LLC. Don't want to switch? No problem as of June 2nd 2020 untethering was established allowing current card holders to no longer be tied down to one provider, allowing great product like ours to speak for itself!


     This will truly enable you to appreciate what is the best in the state of Montana.

It has taken 20 years of research and development to get the GREENHOUSE LLC to this position of success. This success is measured in all our products. Come see us to become part of a family that truly cares!

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THE science of the endocannabinoid system 


what are Trichomes and why do they exist on our plants? 


The production of trichomes can be observed in many species of plants throughout nature, taking on various physical forms as well as serving many different purposes. For example, trichomes found on some carnivorous plants aid in helping to catch prey.

In cannabis, trichomes function as a defense mechanism. When female cannabis plants begin to produce flowers in the wild, they often become vulnerable to various insects and animals as well as non-living environmental variables such as potentially harmful UV rays. Trichomes serve as a deterrent for animals because their bitter taste and strong aromas render cannabis flowers unpalatable. At the same time, they also serve a dual function in protecting their plants from damaging winds and even some varieties of fungal growth.

Our Approach...

What is Hydroponics 

Plants grow through a process called photosynthesis, in which they use sunlight and a chemical inside their leaves called chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide (a gas in the air) and water into glucose (a type of sugar) and oxygen. Write that out chemically and you get this equation: 

6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2

There's no mention of "soil" anywhere in there—and that's all the proof you need that plants can grow without it. What they do need is water and nutrients, both easily obtained from soil. But if they can get these things somewhere else—say, by standing with their roots in a nutrient-rich solution—they can do without soil altogether. That's the basic principle behind hydroponics. In theory, the word "hydroponics" means growing plants in water (from two Greek words meaning "water" and "toil"), but because you can grow plants without actually standing them in water, most people define the word to mean growing plants without using soil.

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